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The mobile phones have become the lifeline of the present generation people. The thinking of the people is that the life seems to them paralyzed without mobile phones. The ‘eureka moment’ it is for any person if he or she gets a good mobile phone. The symbol of status it becomes for the people to own a grand company high tech mobile. The astonishing folks of the world find the works that they have to do useless when they are not being done with the mobile phones. The prodigy of the century is that such a high class gadget is invented and it has become a commonplace for every person to hold it. The varieties of mobile phones with demarcated versions and categories continue to mesmerize the people. The segregation of people too has been done on the basis of the possessions of the kind of mobile phones that they possess. The accessories are also becoming the mobile phones’ dearest sister. The functions of a mobile phone is said to be null and void without a weighted accessory of some good quality. The mobile phones with accessories are coming to be sold on the online sites and the mobile stores in general too. There is an increasing demand for the burgeoning trend towards having the best and the most touted mobile phone. The fact also goes without saying that without an accessory the mobile phone is useless. So the business of phones booms and will boom!

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